dr ion



17 Gold Records, Patrick Hernandez Born to be alive


#1 ION A free musical transposition the definition of Wikipedia of ION «ion (/ˈaɪən, -ɒn/)[1] is a note of music or a music molecule, giving them a net positive or negative electrical charge. Because of their electric charges, cations and anions attract each other and readily form musical IONS.

#2 Dr ION Not one person but the father, the son and a combination of IONS

#3 Dr ION and Music Free IONS moving in many different directions From writing to performing to record and produce great music a 360° Scope from classical to commercial hits. From hit records to advertisement and film

# 4 Dr ION Background The father Jean Luc First Price in 1960 at the Conservatoire National de Musique Roubaix for Excellency at Piano, MusicTheory, Chamber Music.

#5 Dr Ion past 17 Gold records as producer, arranger, composer ….. for Patrick Hernandez world hit Born to be Alive, Claudia Cardinale, Chocolats, Magazine 60 Don Quichotte, Monte Kristo …..

#6 Dr ION Arnaud the son, also a top piano …..He has signed an Italian hit Mr Jack ….

#7 Dr ION and Digital All Wrong soundtrack with a wonderful theme Silver lining

#8 DR ION and MusicAsMedecined Working on a special project where music in itself with all its Dr ION become a health attitude with positive results and the backing of Doctors.

#9 Dr ION and Silent Movies He is one of the few left musician ……who can just create the music for silent movies

#10 Dr Ion and Film Synchro 1- “Formule one concerto” en 1972 Un film belge sur une course automobile 2- Dzle chirurgien de Saint Chaddz a filmfrom Alain Poiré avec Jean Claude Pascal et Ode Loring. Enfin le soundtrack sortie en Janvier 2017 de la série de Jacques All Wrong

#11 Dr ION and Special Products Marketing and Music often meet, and some of the DzIONS become a special product concept which is good for specific brands